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Content Policy

If you're reading this to consider using our Intellectual Property ("IP") as inspiration for your own derivative artworks, videos, fan pages, live streams, websites, or other works ("Fan Projects")... we are seriously flattered. The TL;DR (too long; didn't read) version is: "As long as you don't try to sell it or make people think you're affiliated with Level Quest, you can do whatever you want." The previous statement is not formally included in our Content Policy which shall begin after the end of this sentence.

Please keep in mind that our IP includes any and all unique materials created by our team including campaign names, character names/attributes/appearances/etc., story plots/themes/elements, character dialogue/interactions, locations, slogans, copyrights, trademarks, and logos that we have presented, performed, or created both verbally in our productions and in written content, games, books, music, merchandise, apps, etc. We reserve the right to remove Fan Projects that, in our view, don't comply with these rules or that use or exploit our IP inappropriately. By all means, please do celebrate and spread the word about our show! We love the support, but for Level Quest ("LQ") to thrive as a business and provide a consistent and secure community for our fans, this Level Quest Content Policy ("Content Policy") provides some ground rules for using our IP.

Noncommercial Use
You may use our IP for any noncommercial (except as specifically outlined below) community use including private use. Fan Projects cannot be defamatory, offensive (including but not limited to anything transphobic, sexist, homophobic, racist, ableist, or ageist) or harmful to others in any way (as determined solely by LQ).
You can make and sell limited, hand-made, and transformative artwork inspired by our IP without written permission. You may not mass-produce or mass-distribute merchandise or artwork without our express written permission. Again, we reserve the right to deny use of our IP to anyone at any time, and you agree to comply with that request. 


Commercial Use
You may not create commercial Fan Projects without our express written consent. In addition, you may not use or display our IP un full or in part in interactive games, apps, or any other digital distribution method. 


Creating, writing, producing and/or exploiting monetized books, comic books, theatrical productions, audio-visual programs, digital reproductions, non-fungible tokens (“NFTs”) or any similar digital or other technology, platforms, or means of display or distribution now existing or that might be developed or utilized in the future that includes, displays or stores in any fashion LQ IP is not allowed. Any similar use to the aforementioned of LQ IP requires a separate written agreement.


Fan fiction utilizing our IP that is posted on a free-to-view platform is allowed, but the content cannot be monetized or appear behind a paywall and must otherwise comply in all ways with the terms of this Content Policy.

As mentioned above, you are not permitted to mass-produce or mass-manufacture, promote, distribute or exploit (for free or otherwise) any merchandise (such as apparel, game pieces, pins, jewelry, posters, stickers, figurines, accessories, etc.) that bears or includes any LQ IP without a separate, express written agreement with LQ.


Passive Ad Revenue

Subject to the limitations below, we generally permit fans to promote their Fan Projects inclusive of our IP on websites, streams or videos and to use those platforms to passively generate revenue from their Fan Projects through appropriate advertisements, including pre-roll ads, ad breaks, post-rolls and sponsor ad overlays (“Permitted Ads”). No inappropriate direct ads or sponsorships are allowed for a Fan Project with our IP other than Permitted Ads, and LQ alone in exercising its sole discretion will decide whether any advertising (including any advertising that would otherwise have been Permitted Ads) are “inappropriate.” Upon notification to you by LQ, ads and sponsorships deemed inappropriate must be stopped and taken down immediately. Please don’t state or imply that LQ has approved or endorsed your content or that LQis your sponsor or has approved the products or services in your Permitted Ads or that LQ has approved any advertisers who are included in the content you create.  If you are creating an audio-visual transformative work including our IP, please include the following disclaimer legibly on screen:


“This project is unofficial fan content and is not approved or endorsed in any way by Level Quest.”


We permit individual fans to solicit personal donations or offer subscription-based content that includes the IP that we created during the episodes that LQ records and distributes (“LQ Programming”), but only if non-donors and non-subscribers can also watch the paid content concurrently.


Your creation of any Fan Project based on or incorporating any materials created by LQ or under its direction that contain any LQ IP may only be used by you in a way that is “transformative” in nature, i.e., you must create something using the LQ IP that has a meaningful, important, unique and lasting change in it. In other words, you can’t just copy or re-upload LQ IP or LQ Programming verbatim to use or repost LQ IP or LQ Programming somewhere. Examples of potential transformative works include but are not limited to the following:

  • Significant changes to LQ artwork

  • Original Animatics

  • Compilation videos

  • Remix edits

  • Added commentary

  • Music / music videos

  • Cosplay content

  • Art / draw alongs

  • GIFs / memes

  • Reaction videos


For use in your Fan Projects of long-form LQ Programming, LQ allows the following passive monetization of LQ Programming usage per episode of any Fan Project that you create:

  • LQ Programming originally 2 hours or more in length: under 10 minutes

  • LQ Programming originally between 1-2 hours in length: under 5 minutes

  • LQ Programming originally under 1 hour in length: this may not be passively monetized


LQ may claim the monetized amount or may execute an automatic takedown for exceeding the specified usage durations. LQ may claim any monetized amount that you collect if you violate this provision (which amount you will immediately relinquish to LQ), or LQ may execute an automatic takedown of any Fan Project that you create which includes but is not limited to any use of “clips” or “memes.”


Referencing Level Quest
Please do reference us and bring new people to the community. Just make sure that your Fan Project follows the other guidelines in this Content Policy and clearly lets people know that it was created by a fan and that it is not official LQ content. This means that you may NOT at any time state or imply that your Fan Projects are affiliated with, sponsored by or approved by LQ. You may not create a Fan Project in a manner that could cause others to believe your Fan Project is an official LQ content. If you share your Fan Project with others, please conspicuously include the following disclaimer on the Fan Project including on the advertising, marketing and publicity for your Fan Project (e.g., on your Fan Project’s website):


“This project is unofficial fan content and is not approved or endorsed in any way by Level Quest.”


Releasing Content Prior to Being Released on Level Quest's YouTube
Please don't. Any posting or other unauthorized disclosure of LQ-created content prior to its official release on YouTube (or any other authorized media-sharing platform) is strictly prohibited. 


This includes fan art and other non audio-visual Fan Projects.


When you do share your Fan Projects, please provide spoiler disclaimers if including or discussing any plot reveals or other significant moments to avoid ruining the experience for other fans.

Level Quest Programming and Licensing
Some LQ Programming contains music, enhancements, or other content that LQ has licensed from third parties, but that license ONLY applies to LQ Programming. You’ll need to get permission from the copyright owner(s) before using it in any way. Please don’t remove any music that we have included in LQ Programming and replace it.  Doing so would be at your own risk.  Videos that don’t follow these rules could be subject to takedown notices by LQ and/or by the copyright owner of the original work you included in your Project.


Level Quest Logos and Trademarks
Use of LQ logos and Trademarks is generally prohibited; however, there are a few limited instances in which you may use them as noted in this section of this Content Policy. Specifically, use of LQ's brands, logos, character names, actor names, actor character likenesses and other IP are only to be used in LQ's official merchandise or other LQ created or licensed items and in non-commercial Fan Projects that comply in all ways with this Content Policy. LQ expressly prohibits uses of its Trademarks and logos to promote your business or merchandise. You may not register domain names, social media accounts or similar stuff that uses any of our Trademarks, trade names, logos, character names, etc. unless there is a separate, express written agreement between you and LQ to use them.


You definitely may not use any LQ Trademarks as keywords, titles, or search tags for any Fan Projects or items that you create based on LQ IP.


If you are using any LQ IP or LQ Programming that has a copyright notice or a Trademark notice or our logo embedded in it, please don’t remove that information when you include the LQ IP or LQ Programming in your Fan Project.


Uncovered Fan Projects
If the creative efforts that you are contemplating are not specifically covered by this Content Policy or are outside the scope of what is specifically permitted under this Content Policy, you’ll need LQ’s prior written approval as part of a separate, express written agreement between you and LQ before you put your Fan Project out into the world. If you have any questions about this Content Policy or you have an idea that isn’t specifically covered by this Content Policy, please contact us by email at Pending our response, you agree to not use the LQ IP in your proposed Fan Project.


Level Quest Sharing of Fan Projects
We want fans to create and share cool things with each other, and we want to remove barriers to sharing. By using LQ IP in your Fan Project, you give LQ authorization to share or use your Fan Project in any way at our sole discretion.  LQ will try to provide proper artist credit when possible and make reasonable effort to contact the creator.


By using LQ IP in your Fan Project, your Fan Project becomes a derivative work of LQ’s IP and you give LQ authorization and an irrevocable license to share or use your Fan Project in any way at our sole discretion. 


Unconditional Fan Project Use By Level Quest
You grant LQ an irrevocable license to use all work created by you based on LQ IP, and agree that LQ can commercially use, display, copy and distribute anything you create that includes LQ IP without your permission and without any payments to you and that LQ’s right to use what you create cannot be revoked.  You agree that you won’t bring any claims of any type against LQ for any such use by LQ.


LQ has the right to stop or restrict for no reason or any reason in its discretion your use of any LQ IP at any time even if you are in compliance with this Content Policy.  If we notify you that we require you to restrict your use of any LQ IP in your Fan Project, you must immediately take down your Fan Project and stop all use, advertising, promotion and distribution of that Fan Project.


If LQ or any of its partners, affiliates or employees are pulled into a legal matter over any Fan Project that you create, you are responsible for any and all judgments, settlements, fees, attorney fees and other expenses, etc. You are responsible to ensure that your Fan Project isn’t violating any laws, ordinances, regulations and/or the rights of third parties.


By using the LQ IP on the terms and conditions set forth herein, you agree that you accept and are bound by the terms of this Content Policy and that you will comply with the terms of this Content Policy at all times.


LQ may publish updated versions of this Content Policy at any time with no notice whatsoever, but we’ll try to find a way to communicate any changes widely as soon as we can in the interest of remaining transparent with you.  Fan Projects created and originally created and displayed by you under any prior version of this Content Policy may continue to be displayed by you pursuant to the terms of the version of this Content Policy in existence at the time that you created the Fan Project and initially displayed that Fan Project.  However, any new Fan Project created by you and/or displayed by you after the date of any updated version of this Content Policy and any changes to Fan Projects that you created and displayed under a prior version of this Content Policy shall be subject to the terms of the updated version of this Content Policy. 


Your right to use any LQ IP as set forth herein shall terminate automatically and with immediate effect if you fail at any time to comply in all respects with the terms of this Content Policy, and such termination shall be effective even if you do not receive notice of the termination from LQ.


Future Level Quest Content
Please note that we are constantly developing new content and creating new IP that will fall under the guidelines in this Content Policy, so any IP or LQ Programming created by LQ after the date of this Content Policy is definitely governed by the terms of this Content Policy in all ways or is governed by any updated version of this Content Policy.

Contacting Us

For any questions, suggestions, or concerns related to this Content Policy, please email


Last updated August 31, 2022

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