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Meet the Party

Learn a little about our group's lives and what brought us to the table.

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Kory Keeney (The DM)

Managing international sales for organic food brands takes Kory around the world a couple times a year.  When not globe trotting, he spends time with his wife and two dogs, sings karaoke, enjoys boardgames, and reads (mostly non-fiction).

Obsessed with Dungeons & Dragons ever since discovering Baldur's Gate in the late 90s, Kory has been weaving tales both on and off the table for decades. Despite not being on a stage since college, putting on a show for his players still brings him that same energizing joy.

Favorite Class: Wizard

Favorite Monster: Yuan-Ti

Favorite Video Games: Baldur's Gate 2, Civilization 5/6, and hyped for Ashes of Creation

Dan Fishel (Caldre Saje)

Dan is a husband and father of three that loves the call of nature. Living a subsistence lifestyle as an avid outdoorsman, he spends time in the wilderness in the spring, summer, and fall before turning his attention to video games and reading by the wood stove in the winter.

He was introduced to D&D as a teenager and quickly immersed himself in fantasy novels, soon after turning to roleplaying games as both a player and dungeon master over the last ten years.

Favorite Class: Fighter

Favorite Monster: Kobold Inventor

Favorite Video Games: Final Fantasy, The Elder Scrolls, and the Dark Souls series

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Erik Fisch (Orson Turner)

Erik is a dad of three that runs the support team for a technology company. Video games, D&D, golfing, his family, and beautifying his yard are among his favorite things. He's an avid reader/audio booker. While he's especially into Literary RPGs, any fantasy will do.

While a relative newcomer to D&D, it's been a fascination since he was young though he never found a chance to actually play until recently. In 2020, Dan offered that opportunity with a seat at his home game table, and Erik's been hooked since. 

Favorite Class: Bard

Favorite Monster: Beholder

Favorite Video Games: God of War, Breath of the Wild, and World of Warcraft

Richard Weber (Rach'Mun Des Ja)

College student by day, voice actor by night - Richard's passion is telling stories. He lives and breathes the art of performance whether inside a recording booth voicing characters or on a stage performing musical numbers. When not performing, he is either listening to every musical theatre album or spending time with the people closest to him.

The storytelling potential of D&D has him absolutely hooked, and he's thrilled to be able to share this one with all of you. Find him on Twitter at @RichardWeberVA.

Favorite Class: Wizard

Favorite Monster: Mimic

Favorite Video Game: The Last of Us

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Robert Weber (Maxwell Laster)

Robert is a full-time student majoring in biology. In his free time, he volunteers at wildlife centers with dreams of becoming a wildlife biologist. He also enjoys playing guitar, hanging out with friends, and writing songs.

His D&D career began in home games run by his brother, Richard, where he developed a love for the game. Character and backstory creation gives him another creative outlet besides writing songs - unfortunately he has no interest in playing a bard!

Favorite Class: Druid

Favorite Monster: Demogorgon

Favorite Video Games: Civilization 5, Starbound, and Risk of Rain 2

Stephen Ankenman (Theo Forrest)

Stephen is a husband and father that's worked in customer service and distribution for over 15 years. In his spare time, he plays video games, attends renn faires and fantasy events, reads Jim Butcher's Dresden Files series once a year, and enjoys camping with friends and family during the summer.

He was introduced to D&D 25 years ago and has been either a player or DM pretty much

non-stop ever since.

Favorite Class: Cleric

Favorite Monster: Dragon... any of them.

Favorite Video Games: FF7, Twilight Princess, AC Black Flag, Factorio, and Metal Gear Series

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