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Level Quest Begins!

Thanks for checking us out! This project has been in 'brain space' development for quite some time awaiting the perfect cosmic alignment to push the start button. There were approximately seventeen planets in our solar system in retrograde recently. This impossibility considering the number of actual planets seemed like as good an indicator as any it was time to begin.


Content Warning

While the first session hasn't happened yet, we do expect this campaign will have a fair bit of adult-ish content and would give it an ESRB rating of M (mature audiences, 17+). Roleplaying games involve a fair amount of improvisation and visual description. There will likely be strong language, violence, blood/gore, and possibly some suggestive sexual content.

In addition, there may be a few specific triggers to watch out for including but not limited to gambling, bullying, addiction/alcohol, and body horror.

We know this may alienate some audiences, but ultimately this is a game among friends, and we enjoy a 'no holds barred' approach. If any scenes make you uncomfortable for any reason, we suggest you take a break and clear your head before returning... or just skip that scene/episode entirely if necessary. Please do what's best for your own personal mental health.


We all love Dungeons & Dragons and tabletops in general. We're super excited to share our stories with the world and hope they inspire and entertain you as much as us. Happy gaming!

Your Unseen Servant,


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